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    Default Panel used as raceway

    This came up the other day and I have been looking in the IRC regarding using panels for raceways but can't locate anything. This was a condo remodel and an additional panel was installed next to this one.

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    Default Re: Panel used as raceway

    That first panel is not being used as a raceway.* (see * below)

    There is a breaker in it, top right, which has the two inside breakers with the tie handle feeding the new panel.

    That means the new panel is simply fed from the original panel and there is nothing wrong with that.

    You now have "2 panels", both wired the same way.

    You also have a lot of white conductors which are attached to breakers as hot conductors and which have not been re-identified.

    (from * above)

    *Unless those wire nuts connected conductors are not going down into this panel (can't tell from the photos), in which case, yes, the first panel is being used as a raceway, not for the power to the new panel, but for those circuits - which is still not allowed.

    If this last part is correct, then those circuits should have been pulled out of the first panel into a wire gutter/junction box where they could be spliced onto and run to the new panel.

    Being as that is a condo, the IRC does not apply, the IBC does, as does the NEC.

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    Default Re: Panel used as raceway

    At least two of the wire nut connected conducters go from breakers in the second panel into the first panel then out of the first. One was to a steam generator an other a light fixture I think.

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    Default Re: Panel used as raceway

    I see what you mean and you are right. This is a classic case of this type of violation.

    Most folks think any splices are a violation, which is almost always not the case. Splices are fine in a panel. What is seen in these pics is a very real violation.

    For one, I see that 10/3 coming into the old panel, spliced to another 10/3 going back out of the panel, then that new 10/3 terminating on a breaker in the new panel.

    Good catch.


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