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Thread: Failed AFCI

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    Default Failed AFCI

    Working on one of my rentals, this one has AFCI
    Turn on the shop vac, POP goes the breaker
    Turn it on again, same thing.

    Then I figure out, can't run a vac on an AFCI
    Now the breaker will not reset.

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    Default Re: Failed AFCI

    Sounds like the circuit interupter and/or circuit breaker it did its job and you weren't "listening" to what it "was telling you".

    "...For example, a tripped AFCI circuit breaker points to a potential problem that should be investigated to determine the exact cause of the trip..."

    "...Keep in mind, if you nick a wire or accidentally remove strands from a conductor, there is less copper to carry the same amount of current, resulting in overheating and possibly further damage to the installed wiring..."

    "...An AFCI trip alerts the homeowner or electrician of a potential problem in the electrical wiring that, left uncorrected, could potentially lead to an electrical fire. Opponents who believe AFCIs are not needed raise concern over “unwanted” tripping. However, consistent findings have revealed that the majority of what are referred to as “unwanted” trip issues are, in fact, related to problems with the installed wiring or attached wiring devices.

    Examples of the issues that AFCIs find include reversing neutral and ground wires, shared neutral wiring on single pole AFCI circuits and ground wires touching neutral wires. Lighting fixtures and appliances attached to these circuits have also been found to be damaged or faulty and should be inspected if an AFCI trips.

    Electrical contractors have been very active in providing information about these types of wiring problems. Many indicate that the initial installation errors have disappeared as installers become more familiar with the installation and operation of AFCIs.

    AFCIs trip for a reason, and investigating and determining the reason will ultimately increase the safety of homeowners and their families. The troubleshooting guide on the following pages outlines common scenarios and the appropriate steps to diagnose and effectively alleviate any issues..."
    Read more at:

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    Default Re: Failed AFCI

    H.G. Waston Sr.

    Great post you did on the reason why an AFCI trip

    Post Note: Rick Cantrell would care to share with us, what trip
    your AFCI breaker.


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