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    Does the service entrance ground wire have to be sheathed?



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    No, but #6 or #8 ground wires should be free from physical damage once they leave the enclosure.
    Looks like they sleeved that in PVC. Even though Sch40 does not offer any physical protection it is better than nothing at all. Depends on the location.

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    But ... the ground should go to the ground terminal shown on the right in that photo.

    Also, the neutral conductor insulation behind the ground conductor looks melted/overheated. Could be anti-oxidant paste, but looks overheated.

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    Rayan Stouffer

    Quote: "Does the Service entrance ground wire have to be sheathed?"

    SE-R cable is used above ground, it carries three insulated wires and one non-
    insulated wire. It your case this is the ground wire.

    So the ground wire doesn't have to be sheated or jacketed in insulated,
    only the ground wire used in URD cabe is insulated.

    Aluminum wire in direct contact with the earth shall be provideed with
    corrosion protection. So SE-U or SE-R should not be burried.


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