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Thread: Smoke detectors

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    Default Smoke detectors

    I inspected a home that was originally built with an unfinished basement. The buyers finished the basement to include 2 additional bedrooms and another bath but evidence suggests that it was not done professionally and probably not permitted. Smoke detectors installed in the two sleeping rooms are not hardwired to sound with the others in the house. They are battery powered only. Is it required that these added detectors be hardwired with the others?

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    From 2006 IRC
    R313.2.1 Alterations, repairs and additions.
    When alterations,
    repairs or additions requiring a permit occur, or
    when one or more sleeping rooms are added or created in
    existing dwellings, the individual dwelling unit shall be
    equipped with smoke alarms located as required for new
    dwellings; the smoke alarms shall be interconnected and
    hard wired.

    1. Interconnection and hard-wiring of smoke alarms
    in existing areas shall not be required where the
    alterations or repairs do not result in the removal of
    interior wall or ceiling finishes exposing the structure,
    unless there is an attic, crawl space or basement
    available which could provide access for
    hard wiring and interconnection without the
    removal of interior finishes.
    2. Work involving the exterior surfaces of dwellings,
    such as the replacement of roofing or siding, or the
    addition or replacement of windows or doors, or
    the addition of a porch or deck, are exempt from
    the requirements of this section.
    R313.3 Power source.
    In new construction, the required
    smoke alarms shall receive their primary power from the building
    wiring when such wiring is served from a commercial
    source, and when primary power is interrupted, shall receive
    power from a battery.Wiring shall be permanent and without a
    disconnecting switch other than those required for overcurrent
    protection. Smoke alarms shall be permitted to be battery operated
    when installed in buildings without commercial power or
    in buildings that undergo alterations, repairs or additions regulated

    by Section R313.2.1.

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    Default Re: Smoke detectors

    Thanks Rick

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    Cool Re: Smoke detectors

    I would like to hear from the rest of you, were do you think, the best place, to located a smoke detector in a house basement.

    The house will have just one set stairs leading from the main floor to basement, say a ranch style home. With no attach garage.
    The basement is unfinish. With no washer or dryer in this location.
    Just a L.P. boiler for hot water baseboard heat and hot water.

    Just the one smoke inside the house basement, style: pour concrete

    Just looking for you your thoughts and opinions.

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    Default Re: Smoke detectors

    ask the town .

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    Suggested smoke alarm locations are included in the installation instructions.

    Requirements for the smokes alarms are a building code issue. Only the wiring methods are covered by the electrical code.


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