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    Wink AFCI breaker new 2006

    Does anyone out there if you can still install AFCI breakers, such as one
    that was new in 2006, and never been installed.

    There are electrician out there that haven't used up there stock.

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    Default Re: AFCI breaker new 2006

    I guess that would depend on the code cycle being enforced. The more recent code requires a combination type AFCI. Older stock breakers will not meet this requirement.

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    Default Re: AFCI breaker new 2006

    Depends on the state code of which is in current use, but i dont think of the stores or contractors are going to throw away a 30.00 breaker that has not already been installed. Electrical inspectors do not even check that close. When the manufactor makes a breaker it "usually" surpasses what is required at the time. Look at what the breaker specs are and compare with the code required. Virginia is still on the 2005 code book. Manufactors are allowed to sell what is in stock, just like asbestos in the seventies, lots of building built during that time when asbestos was outlawed have asbestos insulation because if it was in stock it could still be sold. Same principle


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