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Nope. Jim Port and Ken Horak are the ones trying to apply it, as were you. I pointed out from the beginning - albeit originally being too subtle - that it did NOT apply, as THIS WAS NOT SERVICE EQUIPMENT, NOT A POWER PANELBOARD, but a a feeder supplied panel containing more than six circuits and no "main" on the panel - and not supplied with 1/0 or larger. Nick originally referred to supply being service cable - was pointing out it was not.
Here is the quote from me. It was post #9.

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Rick, most likely there is a service disconnect ahead of this panel. In that case the 6 throws would not matter.
Which certainly seems to say that the 6 throws does not matter.

Here is a quote from you which was post #6.
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more than 6 disconnects too.
Now who was trying to say it applied?

Now lets talk about this.
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I'm not the one that continued to insist that 230.71 applied I said it did not - I only mentioned "the six" number to point out that it wasn't a service or a "power panelboard" as originally alledged by the original poster (and likewise mentioned didn't appear to be 1/0 CU feeder condutor either) therefore getting us OUT OF THOSE CHAPTER 2 "Service" citations being bandied about - and away from the chapter 3 references you were making (338) and over to chapter 4 where one needed to START for this PANELBOARD discussion.

You said there was no such animal as the 6 throw rule, not that it didn't apply.
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It has nothing to do with six throws of the hand no such rule. The is the rule of six disconnects: six disconnects or fuses = six single pole disconnects or three Double poles or 2 double poles and two SPs or 1 double pole and four SPs or two 3 Poles, or 1 3-Pole and 3 S-Ps, etc.
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I also explained about the deleted post. I had initially posted almost the same thing as I eventually posted in post #9. I deleted it within about one minute of posting it. It was not posted long enough to change the direction of anything that has been discussed. I removed it to avoid bringing up the possiblity that this was non-service. Because Rick asked I answered.