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Thread: 120v 30amp

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    Default 120v 30amp

    I found a 120v 30amp service in an early 40's Baltimore row home a while back. It was the first time I found service this small.

    How often do you find service like this?

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    Default Re: 120v 30amp

    Not very often.

    I did have one house built in the 1920's that had no updates. 30 amp service only on the main floor. Candle holders on the second. No outlets anywhere. Original boiler, plumbing, etc. It was like stepping back in time.

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    Never in a house but NO ONE lives here without a/c and no way that would carry more than one window unit if you have the light on.

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    Default Re: 120v 30amp

    They still managed to load that thing with 6 circuits, 2 of them 30 amps.
    I see the triple-tapped screw lines up with the burn mark on the door....hmmm.

    I never see less than 60 amp service, BTW.

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