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    Default Need code

    Can someone please post the code for proper installation of neutrals and grounds on the main panel busbar.

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    2008 NEC...

    110.14 Electrical Connections.
    Because of different characteristics of dissimilar metals, devices such as pressure terminal or pressure splicing connectors and soldering lugs shall be identified for the material of the conductor and shall be properly installed and used. Conductors of dissimilar metals shall not be intermixed in a terminal or splicing connector where physical contact occurs between dissimilar conductors (such as copper and aluminum, copper and copper-clad aluminum, or aluminum and copper-clad aluminum), unless the device is identified for the purpose and conditions of use. Materials such as solder, fluxes, inhibitors, and compounds, where employed, shall be suitable for the use and shall be of a type that will not adversely affect the conductors, installation, or equipment.
    FPN: Many terminations and equipment are marked with a tightening torque.

    (A) Terminals. Connection of conductors to terminal parts shall ensure a thoroughly good connection without damaging the conductors and shall be made by means of pressure connectors (including set-screw type), solder lugs, or splices to flexible leads. Connection by means of wire-binding screws or studs and nuts that have upturned lugs or the equivalent shall be permitted for 10 AWG or smaller conductors.

    Terminals for more than one conductor and terminals used to connect aluminum shall be so identified.

    And follow any other specific instructions that accompany the panel from the manufacturer.

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    You need to also check the NJ code rules ... as I recall they seem to modify/add/change/add-to the basics up there.

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    408.41 Grounded Conductor Terminations.
    Each grounded conductor shall terminate within the panelboard in an individual terminal that is not also used for another conductor.

    In accordance with their listing and the requirement of 110.14(A), conductor terminations are suitable for a single conductor unless the terminal is marked or otherwise identified as suitable for more than one conductor. This requirement applies to the termination of grounded conductors in panelboards. The use of a single termination point within a panelboard to connect more than one grounded conductor or to connect a grounded conductor and an equipment grounding conductor can be problematic when it is necessary to isolate a particular grounded conductor for testing purposes. For example, if the grounded conductors of two branch circuits were terminated at a single connection point and it were necessary to isolate one branch circuit for the purposes of troubleshooting, the fact that the circuit not being tested remained energized could create an unsafe working condition for service personnel disconnecting the grounded conductor of the circuit being tested. In some cases, panelboard instructions are provided that permit the use of a single conductor termination for more than one equipment grounding conductor. See 408.40 for the requirements on panelboard terminations for grounded and equipment grounding conductors.

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    Richard, Always look on the panel cover and sometimes inside the panel itself for the manf labeling instructions.
    Bob Smit, County AHJ


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