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    Arrow 230-Volt 30-amp Conductors Coming Directly Off - Main Conductor Lugs

    National Electric Code: non breakered 30-amp conductor coming directly off main buss bar connected directly to main conductor lugs.

    Only a 500 or 600-amp residential TR fuse to blow - until it gets to an unlabeled A/C breaker box in the basement.

    The 30-amp conductors are out in the open, (No conduit) go to an unlabeled breaker box, that goes to an A/C condenser where the disconnect is stuck & can't be pulled.

    There are NO notices that when the main breaker is tripped that circuit is live with only a 500 or 600 TR fuse protecting to the 30-amp breaker box in the basement which most won't even know goes to the A/C.

    Remember the 115-volt control circuit won't have any power, so a TH test tells you nothing.

    This will be that way for the unknowing to make a fatal mistake for eternity, unless the situation is addressed; home owner's don't want to do anything about it or tell anyone about it, though selling it soon.!

    I know how careless we HVAC contractors can get when we are sure the main has all circuits killed.

    What does the National Code say, & is it thorough enough for this situation?
    - Darrell

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    Default Re: 230-Volt 30-amp Conductors Coming Directly Off - Main Conductor Lugs

    You have a lot of issues but NEC 230.70 should be enough to have this installation removed: "Means shall be provided to disconnect all conductors in a building or other structure from the service enetrance conductors."

    Your description seems to indicate this 'tap' occurred ahead of the service disconnecting means, so the installation is a violation of the above code section and needs to be removed; or least redone so the connection is after the service disconnecting means.

    A 'tap' is permitted after the service disconnecting means per NEC 240.21(B).

    You indicate 'conductors are out in the open' - NEC 300.3(B) requires conductors of the same circuit to be contained within the same raceway.


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