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    Default Electrical messes

    Anyone have a good narrative they use when the electrical in house is a complete mess and you would like an electrician to review all.

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    Default Re: Electrical messes

    Numerous improper and hazardous electrical installations were noted throughout many areas of the house and garage. Further evaluation of all aspects of this system by a qualified electrician is recommended for safety. The following pictures and descriptions are examples of the conditions found (this is not intended to be a complete list of all deficiencies):

    This is from my old list (laptop is downstairs) but is essentially the same as what I say when it's a big mess.

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    Default Re: Electrical messes

    Jerry P. put this up one time and I use it on just about every inspection. as I aways find loose connection. Or I may use the words ( you may want to ) In place of ( you should have )

    (Due to the age of the home and indication of loose connection, loose and cracks in outlets and switches of the home you should have a competent electrical contractor pull every outlet and switch, breaker and check all systems for loose connection.
    Breakers in the main electrical panel can have condition behind the breaker at the contact points that can not be noted without removing the breaker and inspecting the back side. And correct all condition as necessary.)




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