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    Default Main Breaker - up = off

    This service equipment panel has a main breaker that shuts off in the up position.

    I believe that breakers need to be off in the down position, but I'm wondering if the label is a way to get around the code? Is it in compliance with code if it has a label that identifiy's position?

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    Default Re: Main Breaker - up = off

    The NEC in article 240.81 says that a circuit breaker SHALL be ON in the UP position. There are no exceptions.

    Looks like a mixture of Bryant and ITE breakers which doesn't fly either.

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    Default Re: Main Breaker - up = off

    That panel is a old Crouse-Hinds (Murray) & they used a oddball main breaker that had the ON & OFF reversed, prob. had a MB failure & used a standard breaker, because of a original type not being avail.,just my guess....


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