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    Default From the old board, Abandon Wiring

    Help me out, my brain has had it this evening.
    About a foot of underground cable sticking up through the slab of a demolished garage. Not live. No obvious presence at house end - disconnection may predate the newer service panel.

    Click for photo (64875 Bytes) Suggested recommendation for dealing with abandoned wiring under these circumstances?

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    Default Re: From the old board, Abandon Wiring

    In your report, you simply state what you have observed. "An electrical cable protruding from concrete slab, with exposed leads. Source cannot be readily determined." It is entirely possible, this cable has been long since disconnected from any service panel, and the other end may be tucked inside a wall. Or, it may be terminated below grade at this time.

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    Default Re: From the old board, Abandon Wiring

    My brain must be working better than in 2007 -

    I still recognized that photo...

    but this morning would know what to say about it.

    Thanks for that look back to my early, early days in the business...

    Michael Thomas
    Paragon Property Services Inc., Chicago IL


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