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    I had previously inspected this subpanel and reported it needed a grounding conductor. Only 3 wires had been ran from main disconnect. The electrician called today and said he was complete. It had only been about hour from his call about starting the work to his call asking for inspection. It is about 100' to disconnect from panel. Upon inspection the grounding conductor looked loose in conduit. A little tug and like magic I had the newly installed grounding conductor. All 4' feet of it. See photo.

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    I think I would report that one to whoever licenses electricians in your state.

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    Well you didn't say it had to be connected to anything! You just said it needed a ground!

    I ran into this with an electrical line going to an island. They had laid romex in a small jack hammered trench with no conduit. Wrote it up, came back for reinspection, I could tell that only about a foot had been jack hammered out....pulled on the conduit and about a foot of conduit came out of the trench. Called th master electrician...the jorneyman got was his brother-in-law! Not good for family realtionship but I applauded the master electrician for doing so!

    This electrician needs horsewhipped! Contact local authorities...file a complaint with the state if they have state regulations for electricians!


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