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    Default service wire at gutter

    I can't find a distance requirement on this but I know it's wrong. Any one have the code?
    Sorry, bad pics, but the attachment to the house is right under the overflowing gutter.

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    Default Re: service wire at gutter

    The only distance I can think of that would apply would be the clearance above the ground. I can't think of any other code requirements.

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    Default Re: service wire at gutter

    Looking at the pics I don't see a drip loop? Also the splices do not look like POCO made splices which would lead me to believe that work may have been done without permits. That in itself doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't done right, but it would make me want to take a closer look.

    The splices do look a bit deteriorated and should probably be checked, (most poco's will repair this for no cost to the owner) but other than that, as long as the lowest point is above 10' from grade, splicing next to a gutter is not a problem.


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