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    Default Ghose in the Machine

    I have felt a bit left out all these years never having found any previously live animals, rodents, or reptiles inside electrical equipment. No longer for today I came across my very first "Ghost in the Machine".

    Who is able to give me the secret handshake and where do I go to pick up my membership card?

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    Default Re: Ghose in the Machine

    Congratulation! and I would think that a snake is the crown jewl of animals to find in a panel.

    Looks like this one committed suicide by biting the bus bar after seeing the neutral and ground wire under the same screw.

    The question is how far did you jump when you seem him hanging there?

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    Default Re: Ghose in the Machine

    What do you figure, 120 or 240?

    John Kogel, RHI, BC HI Lic #47455

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    Default Re: Ghose in the Machine

    That wouldn't have happened if the panel had been in the bathroom.

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    Default Re: Ghose in the Machine

    All kinds of things going on in that panel, snake, I-T-E breakers in a GE panel (an improvement but still not kosher), a white conductor that needs to be reidentified, neutral & ECG under one screw........


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