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    Default Electric Service Size


    Can anyone tell from these 2 crummy photos what the service size is for this house?

    They are aluminum wires connected to a 100-amp breaker. I had no view of the wires in the sheathing.


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    Default Re: Electric Service Size

    No way to tell but I'm curious what those other wires that are cut off and taped are doing in the raceway with the service entrance conductors ??

    Bending radius is in question on that split bolt splice.

    They should be # 2 aluminum or #4 copper

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    Default Re: Electric Service Size

    The wires in the box look like from an old 60 AMP service. The wires coming to the head look like 100A. Since the feeders from the pole to the head look newer and have the inline crimp connectors, it's most likely 100A. Don't think utilities are supplying anything less than a 100A since using those, at least not around here.
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    Default Re: Electric Service Size

    A picture of the main breaker ( and the wire ) would help. So would a picture of the meter housing.

    The wire entering the mast appears to be #6 from what I can estimate based on the size of the connecters in the photo.

    The wire in the panel is very likely tinned copper and not aluminum judging by the cloth covering.

    The panel looks a bit new for the wire feeding it so I would guess a hack panel change was done at some point.

    Judging the service size by the size of wire the utility feeds it with is an exercise in futility. I've upgraded many services from 100/125 Amp to 200 Amp and the utility didn't change anything - and they frequently won't even if requested unless your electric bills suggest you are taxing the service wires you have.


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