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    Default Conductor markings

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    Default Re: Conductor markings


    There has been alot of back and forth discussion on this subject. Time and time again, we get hung up on the word "permanent"-- as in what is "permanent" and what is "not permanent".

    I'll state is this way, tape in itself is not premanent. However, if you wrap that sucker (see your photo) many, many times around the conductor.... it not coming off.

    Now, if you see tape run along the length of the conductor (as in paralell) that will come off.

    I know we are suppose to take code for face value, but defining the meaning of 'permanent' has been done and re-done in previous threads.

    In my opinion, permanent in this case would be defined as 'the life of the conductor' it's attached to.

    Green tape is allowed, if properly secured to last 'permanently'-- which I think is the case in your photo.

    I think you will find some code inspectors disagree with my assessment, but you will find that most electricians will agree with it.


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    Default Re: Conductor markings

    #4 or larger can be marked with tape. #6 or smaller has to be green.

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    Default Re: Conductor markings

    I am with RR on this.

    The installer here obviously made a concerted effort to mark/identify the function of the wires. This is more than I typically see in the field to be honest.

    We can debate the meaning of "permanent" to the n'th degree but we need to understand the original intent of the electrical code. Why color code/mark the wiring and who benifits from such color markings?

    Is it the typicallly cluless homeowner or is it the somewhat "educated" electrician's helper?

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    Default Re: Conductor markings

    Quote Originally Posted by James Duffin View Post
    #4 or larger can be marked with tape. #6 or smaller has to be green.
    Would you mind sharing your reference


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