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    Default Receptacle-cook top clearence requirement.

    Is there any minimum clearance requirement between receptacles and cooktops?
    Thanks as always.

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    Default Re: Receptacle-cook top clearence requirement.

    'No', and 'yes'.

    'No' as far as the national electrical code goes.

    'Yes' as far as the installation instructions for that appliance goes (and the Fuel Gas Code requires appliances to be installed in accordance with their installation instructions) due to the requirement for surfaces on that wall to be able to withstand a minimum 200 degrees (or is it usually 250 degrees) and some larger gas cooktops even require a higher heat resistant material back there.

    I doubt that plastic will withstand the temperature specified.

    Jerry Peck
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    Default Re: Receptacle-cook top clearence requirement.

    Not just 'no,' but 'heck no.'

    It was once common for stoves to have receptacles built into them ... in just about the location shown. Mighty convenient for plugging in the mixer ... especially as that was often the only receptacle in the kitchen.

    Such a feature seems to have gone away when the code began to want GFCI's in the kitchen.

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    Smile Re: Receptacle-cook top clearance requirement.

    Matt, I would most definitely call that out. I would not worry about any clearance requirement common sense says that it could easily be damaged by heat or that boiling water could easily splash onto the outlet.


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