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    Default Service cable in conduit

    I am looking for a clearification. In my area, Philadelphia, we find service cable placed with in conduit and then placed behind a "new" brick veneer wall. When the new wall is built the contractor does not want to deal with the cable so they bury it. My feeling is that this will result in higher temperatures as the service cable is not in free air but in a pipe and behind the wall. This condition typically has a 20' run to the interior. Should this be noted as a possible concern and derating applied?

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    Default Re: Service cable in conduit

    The problem is that the code requires the service cable to be "as short as practical" once it enters the building. Below the brick veneer is considered inside and would require a means of disconnect.

    The proper way would be to re-install the SE once the veneer is installed.

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    Default Re: Service cable in conduit

    Metallic or plastic conduit?

    Actual service entrance or a main power feeder? Originating outdoors or from enclosure?

    Distinctions with differences regarding heat issues, contact with insulation, derating if necessary, and for 2008 the size (not the allowable ampacity) etc. Baby table "sizing" as table corrected to allowable ampacity not size being same, out the window if main power feeder not actual service entrance, depending on where cable originates, if main power feeder passes through insulation or enclosed in plastic conduit, or is all indoors.


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