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    Is there any acceptable cause for using barrel crimps on an overhead service line between the transformer and house. I found one where the neutral and a feed were crimped at the same point. The two, now 10 year plus, crimps are in contact and separated by a thin worn layer of electrical fabric tape.

    The picture quality is poor, but there is another barrel crimp just below and in contact with the neutral line.

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    Look at the PA utility rules below for the service point and the connections from the service drop to the service entrance conductors. All defined in NEC Article 100.

    They should be contacted ASAP!

    Romex connectors are not allowed!PPL Electric Utilities

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    Good to see you again, Joe!

    Whenever there's a concern about the service drop, one shold speak with the PoCo and let them decide.

    I can't see what's under the tape. I can say, though, that the use of crimp connectors by the PoCo is quite common- and reliable. These larger connectors are crimped using much better tooling than the oversize DIY pliers you see used on mall wires.

    This is not to say the PoCo is infallible. I have never seen the connection made outside the drip loop. That alone suggests that perhaps there was a non-permitted service change done. Let the PoCo send a troubleman out to look at it.


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