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Thread: Overheat?

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    Default Overheat?


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    Default Re: Overheat?

    It does look like heat discoloration. Did you take a temp reading?

    As for the cause, most likely a loose connection.

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    Default Re: Overheat?

    Previous overheating - I wouldn't venture a guess as to what from, clients remember the strangest stuff - often not what you meant or said. You say it MAY be from a poor connection - they hear it IS from a poor connection.

    Grounding is wrong, though not unusual.

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    The discoloring may be from the original manufacture, or it just may be old, excess 'grease' that often comes on breaker contacts. Or, there may have been a breaker go bad in that spot. I don't really see any cause for concern.

    While extreme heat will affect the 'spring temper' of any metal, the way panels are constructed make that a concern only for the breaker part of the connection, and has no effect on the busses.

    As for the air conditioning disconnect, I do not see a problem with what was done. It's an older disconnect, which likely had no ground terminals. I'm glad the guy bonded the enclosure.
    Two wires under the lug? While I don't like it, it may just possibly be legal; many such lugs are listed for as many as 3 ground wires under each screw.


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