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    Default Electrical Panel

    Very unusual to see a 200 amp box with service wiring rated for a 100 amp service. (Correct) How is this panel working and the unprotected wires on the main lug. Comments Please

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    Default Re: Electrical Panel

    It looks like they needed more circuit spaces than a 100 amp panel had space for.

    Is there a properly sized disconnect ahead of this panel?

    The small conductors in the main lugs are incorrect.

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    Default Re: Electrical Panel

    Is that discoloration/heat/scorch below the main disconnect?

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    Default Re: Electrical Panel

    I see some variation of this fairly often, usually when someone is doing an addition and adding a sub panel, or similar. In many cases the panel enclosure comes with the 200-amp breaker as part of the package. So the homeowner or apprentice electrician doesn't bother to change out the main breaker even though the gauge of the service feed is too small.

    The previous question is pertinent,
    "Is there a properly sized disconnect ahead of this panel?"
    It doesn't necessarily make it correct, but if for example this is a sub panel, and there is a main panel upstream that contains the proper sized disconnect for this wires feeding this panel, then protection is provided. In that case I just make sure that the homeowner knows that the true capacity of this panel is only rated for 100-amps, and recommend replacement as a precaution.

    The state inspector in my area is pretty loose on some code specifics as long as it doesn't pose a hazard (if anyone bothers to apply for a permit, which is seldom).

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    Default Re: Electrical Panel

    It is hard to tell from the picture but it appears that several white conductors land on circuit breakers. I do see a small gauge wire that is black with a portion wrapped with white tape to identify it as a neutral and a small gauge wire installed at the main lugs.
    None of that is permitted and suggests that whoever did the work didn't know what they were doing.

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    Default Re: Electrical Panel

    #1: it's not a main lug panel, indicating it's probably service equipment. #2: there's no isolated neutral bar and the grounds are not seperated, again indicating service equipment. #3: it's a 40 space panel, inviting potential overload. #4: there's no overcurrent protection on those little wires in the lugs.
    #5: the 100 amp wire (maybe even 60 amp?) feeding that panel is undersized.
    #6: the white wires in the breakers need to be marked.

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