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    Default Where is the Fuse ?

    I inspected this 2400 Sq.Ft., 60 year old, in original condition home in Austin, Tx. Listing for $840,000.00 and This "electrical box" with the Copper Tubing for a Fuse is in the kitchen pantry and supply's electricity to the H.V.A.C. system. It is among the many "Repairs" I found like this on the home-It just goes to show just because it cost a lot doesn't mean its been properly maintained ?!?!

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    Default Re: Where is the Fuse ?

    Is that a piece of copper pipe?

    Tom Rees / A Closer Look Home Inspection / Salt Lake City, Utah

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    Default Re: Where is the Fuse ?

    It may be protected from over current upstream, but still should be corrected with a wire nut if that is the case.

    Jim Robinson
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