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    Default Backfed Service Panel

    Todays was a 65 year old farmhouse. Bathroom used to be the side porch of the house. At some point the porch was closed in, a false wall built to cover the old exterior wall and bathroom installed. Panel was in bathroom, partially hidden by the false wall. Top 2 screws were under drywall and not accessible. No matter, they had left them out anyway. Only about 1/2 the breakers were labeled. The panel was located overtop the toilet so did not provide the required working space.

    Although the panel was designed to be a service panel, they back fed the panel from a 60 amp breaker in the bottom right corner. 60 amp overhead service to meter and then to the "service panel".

    The seller met me in the driveway. Asked if I knew home inspector XXX. "He did a prelisting inspection on this house and we fixed everything he found." I mentioned I did not know XXX. Seller goes on to say that she told him that the next inspector would probably find some minor thing he overlooked. She wanted to rub his nose in it but then she goes on to say inspector XXX is dead and she will not get the chance! Seller is also the listing agent and is in the market for a new inspector to refer since XXX is dead. She was happy to take my card. After she sees the report, I doubt I will ever hear from her. Husband is a contractor/handyman. Lets just say I stumbled across more than a few "minor" issues with home besides the electrical.

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