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    Default Old Square D HO brkrs

    We all know that the modern design Square D breaker which has a flat bar clamp is specifically designed to accept two wires.

    I've found this twice in the last 2 weeks. Late 1950's Square D pane with two styles of connectors on the HO-type breakers. The ones with the copper clamp do not appear to be designed to accept two wires. The other design uses a wide washer with indents in it.
    Is this breaker rated for two wire installation?

    I'm not an electrician, so I can't remove the breaker to read the side label, if it even has one. Somebody here knows the answer.

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    Default Re: Old Square D HO brkrs

    That "washer" on the QO breaker must be made just for the Canadian market as have never seen it here, or it's a site made mod. That lug on the old breakers is typical of the pre Visi-Trip QO/QOB (QOB is a bolt-on type breaker).I do not know what the lugs are rated for, would have to see if there are any relics in my rat hole.


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