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    Default open ground reporting

    How do you report open ground? Is it a "recommend electrician" or just make them aware that they have open grounds? Is this a safety hazard ? thanks

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    Default Re: open ground reporting

    Depends on the age of the house. If it's old enough to have a two wire system I'll advise them to change the wiring, install GFCIs on the circuit or switch them back to the two prong outlet. If it's newer with a three wire system I'll tell them to get an electrician to correct the wiring and check the permit history on the electrical work done.
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    Default Re: open ground reporting

    "How do you report open ground?"
    The receptacle at (location) indicates that it is not grounded.
    Since this is a grounded (3 slot) type outlet, an electrician needs to make corrections as needed.

    "Is it a "recommend electrician" or just make them aware that they have open grounds?"

    "Is this a safety hazard ? "

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    Default Re: open ground reporting

    I don't think the age of the house matters. If there is a ground wire, connect it. If not, install a 2 hole receptacle or a GFCI. If there is already a 2-hole receptacle or a GFCI, report it but it's OK.

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    Default Re: open ground reporting

    Report what you see and educate them as to why it is important. safety is always important as well as the toys they might be pluggin in. you never know who your dealing with so steer them in the right direction. Advise they hire a sparkie to help them play safe. always better safe than sorry.

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    Default Re: open ground reporting

    Quote Originally Posted by David Valley View Post

    Only thing I would consider changing in your article is where you instruct a homeowner to plug a appliance into the outlet to determine if power has been removed when you turn off the circuit breaker.

    If the incorrect circuit breaker is turned off ( pretty easy for a homeowner to do since panel indexes are rarely correct) and an open in the grounded leg (aka neutral) exists on the correct circuit the appliance will not work but power will still be present in the receptacle box. First make sure the outlet is working properly this is where you can use an appliance. Then turn the circuit breaker off to see if the appliance stops working. Maybe that is what you were saying but it is not clear in that regard IMO.

    Second could be another circuit in the electrical box or a powered hot leg from a multi wire branch circuit.... always use and know how to use an electrical tester to determine power is removed at the point where your going to work on the circuit. I use my fluke inductive tester (Model 1 ac) and my fluke T+Pro.


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