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    I inspected a house with 2 1/2 bathrooms. The gfi was located in the master. I inserted tester and it read correct when I tripped it from that bathroom or the other ones my tester would read open neutral. The gfi tripped correctly using the outlet button and I tryed another tester to make sure mine didn't go bad. So the gfi was tripped and the outlets were still getting power (open neutral). I figured this was either a faulty gfi or it was incorrrectly wired but when I first put in the tester said it was wired correctly. Could someone please explain this or what the problem is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cglochau View Post
    I figured this was either a faulty gfi or it was incorrrectly wired

    Most likely ... defective GFCI. I've had GFCI reset reverse polarity. The Leviton representative did not believe me until I showed him ... seems several manufacturers (it was not limited to just Leviton) had that same problem, I'm thinking this was back in the late 1990s to the early 2000s.

    After the GFCIs were required to not reset when wired incorrectly, that resetting reverse polarity problem disappeared (as I recall).

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    First time its happened to me thanks for the info.


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