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    Default Conduit nipple / UF on outside recep.

    Is this kosher or overkill:

    Homeowner needed additional recep on outside (side) of home. Plenty of spaces left in the panel (SQ-D Homeline), so he ran 12-2 UF from a shiny new 20A SQ-D GFCI breaker all the way to the opposing wall (8" block) of the home. Nails bent over in overhead floor joists serve as wire staples. At this wall, he bored a ~1" hole in the block. On the opposing (outside) wall of the home, he took about 10" of PVC conduit and glued a male adapter on one end and threaded it into the back of a wet location recep enclosure. The final two feet of conductor was then run through this nipple from inside to outside. This enclosure is tapconned to said wall and gives home to a duplex GFCI receptacle.

    My questions:

    - Wouldnt Romex have been satisfactory to make the panel-to-recep run, given the presence of the nipple which starts inside home (dry location) and terminating threaded in a dry location box?

    - Multiple GFCI devices on same circuit are redundant and will prove fun for resetting trips. Which GFCI interrupt device is more preferable, the breaker which 'sits back and watches' from afar any ground fault issues and reacts accordingly, or a device that is at the specific location and could itself be immersed in a ground fault stimulus (water)?

    Thanx for your input. This site is without a doubt an asset and provides a wealth of knowledge


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    Default Re: Conduit nipple / UF on outside recep.

    Romex would have been sufficient for the run. No need to install a GFCI receptacle on a circuit protected by a GFCI breaker. Using nails bent over to secure the cabling is wrong, but at least he did not nail through the cable to secure it.

    The cable will be ok for this run. Unless some wiring work is planned and your client just wants a consistent look it should be ok and there really is no pressing need to change it out. The cable should be properly secured along its run, staples and not nails. Remove the GFCI receptacle and label the receptacle as "GFCI protected" as it should be.

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    Default Re: Conduit nipple / UF on outside recep.

    My concern was over the conduit nipple through the wall and entering a wet location/enclosure. Evidently no violations exist otherwise.



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