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    Default Hot Tub Disconnect

    Should not the disconnect for a hot tub be located within 6 feet of the hot tub?

    Also, the hot tub is located within 3 feet of the house , in front of a metal window. I'm thinking that the window should be bonded to the hot tub system, but not sure on the distance requirement.



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    Default Re: Hot Tub Disconnect

    The short answer is within 5'. That is the disconnecting means must be w/i 5'. If that window frame is conductive, ( aluminum / ), it should be bonded.

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    Default Re: Hot Tub Disconnect

    The disconnect cannot be closer than 5', not within 5'.

    All answers based on unamended National Electrical codes.

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    Default Re: Hot Tub Disconnect

    As Jim said at least 5' away and within sight. The disconnecting means can be a cord and plug also. Single family dwellings only require a maintenance disconnect, they do not require an emergency shutoff switch.

    If the metal window frame is a fixed metal part then it requires bonding if it's within 5' of the waters edge.

    680.12 Maintenance Disconnecting Means.
    One or more means to simultaneously disconnect all ungrounded conductors shall be provided for all utilization equipment other than lighting. Each means shall be readily accessible and within sight from its equipment and shall be located at least 1.5 m (5 ft) horizontally from the inside walls of a pool, spa, or hot tub unless separated from the open water by a permanently installed barrier that provides a 1.5 m (5 ft) reach path or greater. This horizontal distance is to be measured from the water's edge along the shortest path required to reach the disconnect.
    680.26(B)(7) Metal Wiring Methods and Equipment. Metal-sheathed cables and raceways, metal piping, and all fixed metal parts shall be bonded.
    Exception No. 1: Those separated from the pool by a permanent barrier shall not be required to be bonded.
    Exception No. 2: Those greater than 1.5 m (5 ft) horizontally of the inside walls of the pool shall not be required to be bonded.
    Exception No. 3: Those greater than 3.7 m (12 ft) measured vertically above the maximum water level of the pool, or as measured vertically above any observation stands, towers, or platforms, or any diving structures, shall not be required to be bonded.


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