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    Default Elec box questions

    Hi all,
    I'm just starting out and have a few questions about what I've found in my own box.

    1) Abandoned wires (2 neutrals and a bare copper (ground?)- I'm thinking these are not ok, but should they be removed or capped with a nut?

    2) Abandoned breakers (there are two) - I don't have an issue with it - would you? - possibly the one with the wire still attached?

    3) "Short" (for lack of a better word) conductors - there is an 8 AWG conductor for the AC that is uncomfortably close (for me) to the bus.

    4) Anything else you can advise, is much apreciated

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    Default Re: Elec box questions

    Also. there is a small gap - 1/8" on one side and almost 1/4" on the other - between the tops of the top breakers and the panel opening when the cover is on. Comments please. (picture to follow)

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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    Default Re: Elec box questions

    That open twist-out on the left should be filled.

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    Default Re: Elec box questions

    I'm new also, but I'll give you my five bucks..
    1) Refer to an electrician (having said that) Capping the insulated wires and removing the bare should make it ok.

    2) What were the breakers there for? Is there switch/receptical not functional in the house? - Seems suspicious - abandoned wires and breakers - may be a dead outlet somewhere. Otherwise - no problem.

    3) Wires shouldn't run across the buss.

    The missing knockout and while they're there - remove the wire nuts --hmmm maybe they could use those for something........



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