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    Default Interesting DIY Electrical

    Very tight crawl and could not get as close as preferred. A cable I have not seen before. Gray jacketed, 12/3, stranded cu. Definitely not typical N/M, but similar construction. Interesting part is that terminal block used to splice, ( no j-box & no wire nuts ). The separated conduit is a garage/shop sub-feed. Also unique wire - - - #2 cu, but a very fine stranding. That same 12/3 stranded cable was used for the water heater circuit. Could not get enough label data off that cable to ID it. Reported all; but I give them high marks for creativity. Close to what is necessary, but a swing and a miss. Lots of similar "closes". The "one" kitchen counter circuit was fed through the first GFI outlet. The following two outlets were also GFI. The first tripped all and the 2nd & 3rd tripped themselves - - - double protection

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    Don't see an equipment ground in the cable. Looks like some kind of data or media cable and probably not recognized as a suitable wiring method in the NEC. Open splice in close proximity to the insulation, not good. What's up with the PVC???

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    Looks like power cord used in electronic equipment, main frame computers, printers, etc. Typicaly ran fans, small motors and power supplies.

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    It could be low voltage wiring for speakers, computer or controls of some kind. Low voltage, then no j-box required.
    But since you saw the same wiring going to the water heater it is probably high voltage, NFG. It looks like extension cords.

    I saw an extension cord to water heater setup where there were frequent power failures. The HO could plug the WH into his generator during blackouts.

    Will a spark ignite that fiberglass insulation?

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    Flexible cord spliced on DIN rail mounted terminal blocks... More garbage "work".


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