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Thread: 800A Service??

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    Default 800A Service??

    We recently inspected a MONDO house, was close to 11,000 sq. ft when all was said and done. Several good stories, but the one for this forum area was the Electrical service...

    First indicator that it was going to be "different" was the meter...It didn't look like a standard 200/400 Meter...notice no visible feeds in or out...

    Please look at Meter Picture

    When we got inside there was a HUGE trough feeding what looked like a 800A Transformer? that then in turn feed a 200A switch for the panel at the far end of the house and two (2) 200A panels next to it.


    The trough and the 800A thing were sealed by Pepco with lots of "do not open" sighs on them so we didn't go near them. The 200A switch was interlocked so we couldn't open that without darkening that portion of the house, so that left the three 200A panels, which had there own set of issues.

    But WOW... that thing a transformer or just a really big junction box?

    I strongly suggested that a sparky give it a once over as it was outside what we routinely see (by quite a bit)...

    How often do you all see this type stuff?

    What do you inspect on the 800A side, what do you write?

    PS...found out that the Sullivan thing (the label) is just a cabinet that is rated for the Amps shown..but still, way outside of what I normally see. All of the bolts holding it closed had Pepco seal-tags on them so it was clearly off limits...

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    Default Re: 800A Service??

    What you are looking at is a CT cabinet.

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    Default Re: 800A Service??

    I would have done what you did, open a few of the accessible distribution panels, but leave the high current items for a pro. House like that, akin to a commercial inspection to me.

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