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    Default Romex at a diagonal?

    Had a guy look at a romex run in a cabin and thought that the 12/2 run through the studs at a diagonal (not at right angles) was a code violation. News to me. Any thoughts or direction out here? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Romex at a diagonal?

    NEC 300.4 (D) references cables and raceways parallel to framing members, but does not mandate the method. It only has specifics about support and allowable distances from edges so screws & nails won't hit it.

    NEC 110.12 Says "Electrical equipment shall be installed in a neat and workmanlike manner", but many claim this is unenforceable.

    NEC 90.4 Gives the AHJ "the responsibility for making interpretations of the rules". This also is not carte blanc to do as they choose, but it does have some teeth.

    So I argure that the aggregate of the above allows an AHJ to require running cables and raceways parallel and adjecent to building members. A good law smith could take this a long way in the courts, if it ever was contested.

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    Default Re: Romex at a diagonal?

    Not an NEC violation specifically, like Garry stated. It seems to me that electricians in Alaska are predominately Union and NECA (union contractors) publish the standard for "neat and workmanlike installations. That being said, as long as it passed inspection it is good to go. And would it look any differently with the sheetrock installed?

    As long as the bored holes are in the center of the studs, that is about all you can do with it for code citations.

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    Default Re: Romex at a diagonal?

    Exactly what I was thinking. Sure, it is nice to go horizontal and vertical, but it does not always make sense. Thank you guys.

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    Default Re: Romex at a diagonal?

    Thanks, nothing used for plenums in this cabin, but good info.


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