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Thread: Zinsco Arcing

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    Default Zinsco Arcing

    A video for anyone thinking Zinsco Panels are OK.
    The owner accused me of "causing" the problem, LOL
    Its about six seconds in on the video.
    InspectPros Electrical Panel Arcing Finding: - YouTube

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    Default Re: Zinsco Arcing

    Way cool! How did you make it do that?
    Those multi wire circuits appear to be out of phase.


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    Default Re: Zinsco Arcing

    Holy crap This is nomal?? I have yet to run into one of these boxes. I thought the Pf Stab Lock were bad enough. Thank for the info. Guess I am going to do a little research on them

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    Default Re: Zinsco Arcing

    Great video. I'm on the insurance side and I have been very vocal about Zinsco and Federal Pacific. I have written two risk management guides on these panels that I will offer to anyone that emails me. you can use it as an impartial opinion as to why these panels need to be replaced.
    email me at and ask for the Zinsco and Federal Pacific SRMG
    We all need to continue to get the word out about the dangers of these panels


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