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    Default Interesting Main/Sub Panel Combo

    Was wanting to get some comments on this. I am already writing it up as "Needs evaluated by a Licensed Electrical Contractor" - However I was just wanting to satisfy my curiosity. Anyone seen this type of setup or know if it is legit.
    History - Home Built 1963
    Remodeled - WITH PERMITS - 1978
    Main Panel is inside GARAGE which is now a bedroom. ITE Panel
    New Main Panel is outside former Garage - Milbank
    Has 8 separate throws to disconnect all power to Home
    (Six is MAX - RIGHT - Like a Split Panel)
    100 amp Breaker serves old Main Panel
    Old ITE SPLIT Panel is inaccessible because they plastered over the front bezel.
    (Can't see anything Grounding, Bonding Etc. Nothing)


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    Default Re: Interesting Main/Sub Panel Combo

    I will wait until I can see this on a bigger monitor, but it looks like the main is the top right breaker.

    All answers based on unamended National Electrical codes.


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