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    Default Water into electrical gutter?

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    Default Re: Water into electrical gutter?


    Did the Pipe go all the way through the box with an exit hole.

    I have limited Zoom but looking at picture #2 it appears the pole is plugged a few inches inside. Sunlight is shinning on plug from hole in the side.

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    Default Re: Water into electrical gutter?

    While it looks like they stuffed duct tape or something down in the top, it does not look like (from the photo) that it 'goes into' the wire gutter.

    If it does 'go into' the wire gutter, that's another problem as there does not appear to be any fitting connecting the pipe to the gutter.

    Also, to use that as support, there should be two straps *above* the highest coupling, and there are two elbows above the highest strap.

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