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    Default Square D *PLASTIC* electrical panel

    Never seen one of these before. Square D electrical panel made of plastic. House was built in 1991. The pictures don't show it very well. Everything looks ok, but I couldn't figure out the bus; it looks plastic, don't see any exposed metal bus bar for the breakers to latch onto. Curious.

    Found this comment on Active Rain web site

    Trilliant was a trendy-looking new electric panel design that Square D, one of the largest producers of panels and breakers, introduced in the early 1990s. The equipment looks like what Apple Computer might create if they went into the electrical equipment business.

    Most European service panels are plastic and it is probably the way all panels will be in years to come, but they were not well accepted in the American marketplace back then, and the line was discontinued after a few years. We know of only one safety problem with the Trilliant panels: the surge protectors designed for installation in the panels were recalled in September, 1995. Otherwise the panels are satisfactory.

    Trilliantís only downside is that, like any discontinued product line, replacement breakers and other panel components are hard to find, and expensive when you can find them.

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    Default Re: Square D *PLASTIC* electrical panel

    I've never seen one, but great info. Thanks.
    I'll probably see one today,

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