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    Default Arc Faults again

    On a new 4 bedroom home, is it permissible to install only 3 Arc Faults at the panel? My understanding was that each bedroom should have it's own Arc Fault and the smoke detectors on a separate Arc Fault. That's how I've seen it on most of the new homes I've inspected recently.

    So, for 4 bedrooms wouldn't I want to see 5 AFCI breakers at the panel? Or is my thinking here Arc Faulty?

    I checked my code books and it does not seem to require separate AFCI's for each individual bedroom.

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    Default Re: Arc Faults again

    No, seperate AFCI are not required for each bedroom.

    Jim Luttrall
    Plano, Texas

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    Default Re: Arc Faults again

    The entire house, except specified receptacle outlets which circuits state 'no other receptacle outlets' (i.e., kitchen counter top, bathrooms, etc.) could all be on *ONE* breaker.

    Thus, all of the bedrooms could be on one AFCI.

    Q: How many receptacles am I allowed to have on one 15 amp circuit?

    A: How many do you want?

    Now, it is indeed nice for the electricians to separate the wiring so each room's receptacles were on their own breaker, and each room's lights were on their own breaker (two breakers per room), but, while that is nice and convenient for the occupants, nothing requires it.

    Jerry Peck
    Construction/Litigation/Code Consultant - Retired


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