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    Default wiring in a/c disconnect box

    House has a mix of two-wire electrical conductors, and three-wire electrical conductors.

    It looks like a neutral is being used as the ground wire to the disconnect box bus bar,or is it the equipment ground wire? Blue, red, and black all hots?

    What do all think is going on?

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    Default Re: wiring in a/c disconnect box

    If the disconnect is strictly 240 volt and doesn't need a neutral, then it is acceptable for the 3 conductor cable to have the wire wire remarked and used as a ground regardless of the wire size.

    It is not acceptable to remark the individual white wire in the conduit unless it is #4 or larger according to code rules. The wire needs to be green or bare.

    There should also be a bonding bushing on the bottom conduit.

    As is the case in many installations like this that have probably been in use for a long time the fix will probably be remarking both whites and calling it a day.

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    Default Re: wiring in a/c disconnect box

    Even though there is an apparent EGC in the load side conduit, the conduit still needs to 'conduct safely any current likely to be imposed upon it. Note that conduit connector is not installed 'wrench tite'. If the other end of the conduit was properly elect/mech attached and grounded, it would serve the purpose of required connection to the EGC.


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