I have a relatively new fixture that having wires that have 17 strands of CU each. Small orange wire nuts labelled "P2" currently connect the stranded CU to 12 gauge AL wiring in the house. I assume that the orange wire nuts are rated for CU, and not CU/AL. I'd like to correct this defect by replacing the orange wire nut with Canadian marrette 63, but this marrette only seems to support 41 stranded CU (see https://midwest.westburne.ca/medias/...5_14_21_en.pdf).

One solution might be to pigtail 14 gauge solid CU to the stranded CU using the orange wire nut, and then connect the other end of the solid CU to the AL wiring using marrette 63. However, seems really messy. Comments anyone?


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