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    Default Commercial Zinsco switchboards

    I'm looking at a large commercial facility with Zinsco switchboards. The switchboards include either 3,000 amp and 4,000 amp pressure bolted contact switches (probably Pringles) for the main over-current protection. I know the history of the issues with the residential style of Zinsco panels, but does this carry over to the commercial side with circuit breakers that range from 200 amp to 1,000 amps?

    I know they have been out of business for many years and I've made some calls to see what spare parts inventory are available.

    comments are welcome

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    Default Re: Commercial Zinsco switchboards

    Zinsco only used their breakers on 240 volts & less, & then if over 225 ampere they were other makes also, mainly Federal Pacific, the major issues w/ Zinsco/Sylvania was their plug in breakers connected to a aluminum bus, the bolt on breakers seem to be OK, just real costly because replacements are only avail used.

    Even though I don't care for them, they seem to holding on OK, considering how long they have been gone.


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