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    Default disconnect box needed?

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    Default Re: disconnect box needed?

    Quote Originally Posted by Clay White View Post
    1962 home. A/C installed in 2002.

    Service equipment panel located rear of the chimney you see in the photo.
    , the chimney prevents the "line of sight" of the A/C... ...what do you think?

    The service disconnect is not in line of sight thus a defect.

    Let someone else But....But....But.....

    Report what you observe.

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    Default Re: disconnect box needed?

    If you were down working on that a/c condenser unit, would you see someone flip the breaker back on? No.

    So either fix it or be prepared to have the a/c technicians surviving spouse's attorney call you regarding an 'avoidable death'.

    Jerry Peck
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    Default Re: disconnect box needed?

    I'm with Jerry. Believe it or not, a $20-30 dollar disconnect could actually save someones life, and it sure would help me sleep at night.


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