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    HI Clay, did the place have a hot tub? I helped a friend who is an electrician install one simular to this while he was connecting a hot tub. Code required that no receptacle could be within 10 feet of the tub but there had to be one within 20. This was the solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clay White View Post
    GFCI be in a box like this?

    It looks like they were setup for an RV. The GFCI is required in some localities along with
    the disconnect and in use cover.Pull the Multi Plug extension and you should be able to plug into outlet and close the cover.

    If I'm incorrect I'm sure some one will correct.

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    The black boxes look exactly like the 120Vac to 12Vdc transformer (with timer) I have for my exterior lighting. The low voltage wires attach on the back side near the bottom.

    Regarding the suitability of the boxes: Assuming there is no label saying it is suitable for this use, can the lid be closed while the cords are plugged in? If not, then I would say it is not suitable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clay White View Post
    Have any of you seen these types of disconnect boxes? They have a GFCI in them and also a pull breaker. The box without the extension cords does not have a pull breaker. I have no idea what the homeowner is using them for (no hot tub, exterior yard lighting, etc).

    Other than the extension cord mess, any other issues with this, can a GFCI be in a box like this?
    Hello Clay,

    It looks like a combination disconnect / receptacle rainproof enclosure. I don't recognize whose brand it is. I am most familiar with the ones made by Milbank. If you go to the Milbank web site you can compare theirs to what you saw. 3R rainproof

    It is basically an a/c disconnect and GFCI receptacle in th same enclosure. The cover is made to have cords plugged in and keep the cover closed like a standard bubble cover for a regular outdoor GFCI receptacle. The orange adaptor will prevent it from closing but that is easily corrected.


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