Had a guy from Endeavour energy visit us the other day to install smart meters my wife said no thanks he said where are your meters she said over there in that electrical thingy,he said that's an 11kV transformer I cant go there she said why not been like it for over 40 years.Next day electrical inspector turns up ,says why do you need a 20000kVA transformer for one house,she said we own both now leave please,he said no we own them no you don't showed her the agreement stemming from the old days when anybody could sell power to people,he got very nasty so she said to my 9yr old girl get the keys open air break two,cut power to 40 houses from transformer 2,5 mins later he got a call on his phone listen you clown when the bushfires were on they started up their 2 3300 hp Diesels and supplied juice to over 130 homes so leave it,Guy couldn't get over the fact that we took power at 11kV.