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    Default Improper main electric panel installation

    Inspected a house in Ormond Beach, FL
    Wood framed house that had a recessed main electrical panel in the garage wall.
    It appears the original electrical panel was removed and had a surface mount panel installed.
    There are large holes through the rear of panel to wood framed wall.
    The new panel has no ground wires attached to the ground bar and only 2 neutral wires attached to the neutral bar inside the panel.
    What do you think they did with the neutral and ground wires?

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    Default Re: Improper main electric panel installation

    Is that a hole that has been hacked in the back of the panel that was cut with a grinder or tin snips? If so I suspect the original panel is still behind the new panel.

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    Default Re: Improper main electric panel installation


    Stop by and see Joe at the building department in Ormond Beach. Joe (Joe Levrault) is the Building Official there and I am sure that he would be very interested in seeing that photo and finding out where the house it. Get to know Joe and Tom (Tom Griffith - used to be the inspector, I think Tom is now the Plans Examiner), both Tom and Joe are good guys, get to know them, tell them I sent you the meet them and show them the photo. When you have questions about something you found in Ormond Beach I am sure they will tell you that you can check with them on it.

    I'm with Jim Port - only reason I can think of for that hacked up back of the panel is that the other panel is still in the wall behind that panel.

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