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    Default Telescoping ladders

    So , I saw this telescoping ladder on line and thought - that could be handy and small too - but can it take the punishment ? Any one using one of these

    I might not be vain but I really don't look wearing a ladder

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    Default Re: Telescoping ladders

    Just my $0.02
    I have been using telescoping ladders as a full time inspector for over 10 years. (Not the one you asked about - sorry). The only problem I had is when a termite inspector borrowed it to look at a spot on the ceiling. I heard loud banging, the guy was trying to close the ladder, not knowing how, and really messed it up. I had to buy a new one.

    Advice: if you are going to use these, lightweight, compact, back saving, ladders that fit easily in a SUV, ALWAYS check the locking mechanisms, and keep strangers away from them.

    Dave Hill
    Buyers & Sellers Property Inspections LLC

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    Default Re: Telescoping ladders

    Plastic parts, cheap looking articulating knuckle and the poor junction at ladder's side rails /tube-to knuckle interconnect all scare me... Hate to see your career end because you saved a few buck on an inferior ladder. Spend a few extra dollars and buy a quality Little Giant. You can thank me after you read about the next ladder injury

    Unless of course you only weigh 150 lbs, then you might be ok

    Joe Klampfer RHI
    Pacific Home Inspections

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    Default Re: Telescoping ladders

    A sub contractor told me that his ten year old telescoping ladder collapsed under him. But I don't know what brand.

    My 17 year old Little Giant is still ticking and I roughly estimate that I've deployed it about 12,000 times.

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