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    Smile Bryant Light switches

    I recently inspected a house built in 1959 and I came across a switch system (Bryant) that I've never seen before. I noticed when I turned the lights on in the basement that I heard clicking sounds coming from a metal box. When I opened the box it had low voltage wiring going to the switches that were connected to the 120 vac wiring. Ive attached some pictures for review. Can anyone tell me more about the SAFETY and RELAIBILTY of this type of system (Bryant)? Thank You, For any information you might have. SM

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    Back then virtually all the major brands had their own low voltage lighting system.

    Safety was not an issue, however, over time, durability and reliability becomes a problem because most (in not all) of those low voltage relays are obsolete, making replacements difficult to find.

    Re-wiring becomes a problem as the lights were connected to 120 volt circuits, but there were no conventional switch legs run to the switches, just low voltage wiring. I installed many of those systems with my dad back in the '60s. By the '80s relays were getting hard to find, thus here we are 20 years later - so I'm guessing they are even harder to find (of course, though, now we have the internet to help find them and buy them, so it may actually be easier to find them now???)

    Jerry Peck
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    Default Re: Bryant Light switches


    If your clients buy the house, the last time we discussed this these sources were suggested for replacement relays:

    Price List
    Dale Electric Supply Co. - Since 1947 - Wholesale and Retail Electrical Supplies

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    Default Re: Bryant Light switches

    Thanks for that Jerry. I just ran across my first Bryant home this week. Mind if I use some of your verbiage for my recommendation?


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