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    Default 4500sf Commerical Office, That's a lot of GEC's!

    I've not seen this set-up before: The 5-meter socket has a GEC, and each of the three separate distribution panels also has their own GEC bonded to a accessory exterior terminal where a bonding jumper/GEC then extends to the grounding earth electrode. Poor connections, redundant GEC's, GEC not continuous...anybody seen this, it can't be right.

    Further, this 4,500 single level office building has another of these 5-meter socket boxes set-up just like this one at the other end of the building. Oh, and there's also two separate 100 amp, single meter socket, service boxes as well that each has their own GEC routed over to the ground earth electrodes that the 5-socket boxes/panels use.



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    Default Re: 4500sf Commerical Office, That's a lot of GEC's!

    Each is a service and requires a bonded neutral and a gec connection.

    All answers based on unamended National Electrical codes.


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