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    Default Re: 60amp breaker/aluminum wiring

    Quote Originally Posted by dan orourke View Post
    Breakers (40,60amp) for with stranded aluminum conductors should be rated for aluminum wiring, right? I didn't see a rating stamp on the 60 amp breaker.
    It's probably there someplace.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Eastman View Post
    Here is my question: Are you allowed to used that stranded copper for bonding the bus bar to the panel? Could that had cause the overheating?
    That is solid copper, and, no, it is not a proper grounding bond, plus (oh no, here goes this discussion again) that is under a sheet metal screw into the back of the cabinet, which is not allowed. The arcing does appear to be around the ground bond connection to the neutral terminal bar, could be loose, but, if that is the cause of that arcing, then there was some high ground current going where there none is intended (i.e., something happened and that current went to ground there).

    Kinda looks like that neutral crossing through between the breakers (which is should not do) may have arced through to the hot terminal.

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