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    Default Scorched/damaged grounding conductor

    I did a final inspection on a brand new house today and found the grounding conductor was scorched and damaged inside of the main panelbox. It will be called out as a defect in my report.

    I understand that the nick/reduced thickness of the conductor reduces it's capacity. I assume that prudent practice is to replace the conductor, but I am looking to understand what real life ramifications might have happened to the other components inside of the panelbox when the short occurred. Does a short like this potentially damage the main disconnect or the branch circuit breakers ?

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    Default Re: Scorched/damaged grounding conductor

    I bet that short happened before the SEC's were connected to the main breaker. If so, I can't imagine how the main or circuit breakers would be subjected to damage.

    I would would write the GEC and panel cover up for replacement too. If for no other reason, to eliminate any confusion at the time of the next home inspection. There is damage to the GEC but I doubt it would prevent it from performing its intended function. If the finished surface on the panel box is damaged from arching, that could invite corrosion.

    No way should a brand new home be delivered with the panel looking like this.

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    Default Re: Scorched/damaged grounding conductor

    Wow! All of us missed this post for two months? Shows it was posted on 11-16-2016.

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